Boot Camp Makes You Better Award

Submitted by: Kelly Young

Debbie 's Success Story

In the spring of 2009 I weighed roughly 200lbs. I could not walk up the stairs without getting winded. My knees hurt and so did my back. I did not sleep well, due in part to excessive weight as well as seasonal allergies and chronic asthma. My cholesterol levels were through the roof and pending any serious life style changes, my doctor told me that I would need to start medication.
As it so happened, my neighbors, Missy Clavelli and Cindy Comeau had recently signed up for a “boot camp” run by a neighbor. While I did not know if I could do it, I felt it was worth taking a chance to get my physical health in order. I met with Kelly and knew immediately she meant business. She showed me the correct way to lunge and squat. She helped me through a single knee push-up. She helped me come up with a plan to get stronger. Kelly told me that I would get better if I followed her program.
The following months and weeks have been some of the hardest (and best) of my life. I have challenged myself in new and exciting ways. I have learned that I can run a mile in under 10 minutes if I push myself. I have lost and kept off 35 pounds. I can do several toe push-ups and lunge and squat with the best of them. I can spend an hour in nearly 100 degree weather lifting two 12 pound weights. It is not easy. It is a commitment I make almost every day for better physical health.
I am in better physical and mental health then I have been in years. I no longer have trouble getting up and down stairs. My knees and back are strong. My cholesterol levels are down. I am a better wife and mother because I take the time to work out. I have made great friends at boot camp who amaze and inspire me to do better. We have become a band of friends who lean on each other when things are tough and raise each other up when we do well at boot camp and in life.
All of these changes have happened to me because of Kelly Young. Kelly is a wonderful teacher and mentor. I strongly believe that she knows exactly where each of her boot camp friends started on his or her physical health journey and where each needs to go. She is willing to use all of the tools at her disposal to help guide each of us on that journey. The difference between a good teacher and a great teacher is one who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Kelly makes fitness a priority for herself. She leads by example. She has made boot camp affordable, so that there are no excuses. And she does so lovingly, so that even when you stumble, as we all do, she is there to pick you up and encourage you back on the path.