Boot Camp Hot Momma

Submitted by: Leigh Cordell

Rebecca's Success Story

I have been a member of Snap Fitness almost since it opened in Chambersburg. It wasn’t until July of 2009 that I really started to use my membership. I wanted to make a life change so I sought the help of Leigh Cordell through a few personal training sessions. Over the course of a few weeks, I felt more confident on the machines and discovered new exercises that helped keep my visits to the gym fresh.

Leigh definitely pushed me and challenged me over those few sessions and then suggested that I sign up for “Boot Camp”. I was under the impression that it would be above my fitness level and would require me to run. Once I informed her that “I don’t run”, she explained to me more about how each session worked and that I didn’t have to run. The most important thing was I just need to push my walking pace and challenge myself. The more Boot Camp classes I attended, the faster I got and I found myself wanting to run. Who knew that I would actually enjoy it! Now, I’m addicted.

In the last year, I have participated in Boot Camp Fall of 2009 and Boot Camp Blast in Winter of 2010. I ran/walked my first ½ Marathon in March, and wouldn’t have even thought I was capable of that without the encouragement and support of Leigh. I am due to have my first child on 10/3, but I didn’t let that slow me down. I participated in Spring and Summer Boot camp, too!

I’m now 2 weeks into Fall 2010 Boot Camp with less than 3 weeks to my due date. I truly feel great at 9 months pregnant and attribute a lot of that to the fact that I have exercised the entire time, 4-5 days per week. Hopefully this hard work will payoff with a great delivery and recovery post baby.

I would encourage any one that is interested in improving their fitness level to talk to the staff about Boot Camp and Personal Training. It does require a commitment, but it really helped me begin to achieve my fitness goals.


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