Boot Camp

Submitted by: Staci Hoyt

Phil's Success Story

Started diet modifications in October 2010. Starting weight 226 pounds. Diet modifications include--add more vegetables, fruits, take out pop & fried foods. At start of 6 Week Boot Camp Nov.14 Weighed 215
Nov 22 Weighed in at 207.
Fills out food journal, changing eating habits and adding in more fruits and vegetables.
Dec 10 Phil weighed in at 204.
Dec 25 Phil weighed 197.
Jan 1 2011 Phil weighed in at 196.
He has lost 30 pounds in 3 months.
He has added 10 pounds of muscle including 3 inches to biceps & 6.5 inches to chest. He reduced his body fat percentage by 8%.
Phil has done a fantastic job! Because he is a client, he receives a $10 gift cert. to Starbucks! Give him props--he deserves it!!!


Phil Before


Phil After