Bodybuilding Story

Submitted by: Blake Tarvin

Anthony's Success Story

Anthony, "Azteca de Mecca" 27, has been training with me for about 4 years. He is currently competing as a novice middle weight winning 1st in his competition debut at the Orange County 2009 Musclemania as a novice light weight. And now, took 7th in lightheavy at 178 (he meant to go in as middleweight, but was 2 pounds over) held in Anaheim, CA at the 2011 Muscle Classic. Anthony has now decided to dedicate his life to becoming a professional. His life as it is now, train 6 days per week, eat 6-7 meals per day, at least 7 hours sleep, work, repeat. Anthony dedicates every bit of free time to his bodybuilding lifestyle, preparing food, training, massage, stretching, recovery and learning as much as he can along the way. Anthony is well on his way to being his best because he allows himself to being open and humble, learning and applying anything that will benefit his journey to the Mecca. Hard work is only hard if you don't love it. "Do what you love and you never work a day in your life." Anthony, also having a girl friend, devotes his time with her as well, while still able to put his all into bodybuilding. I learn a lot from him as well, and get to see dedication to a sport at its finest. This photo is Anthony before, but now as he ramps up his training, stretching and sports massage sessions with me to 3 days a week, as opposed to 1 every 2 weeks he will get noticed by all the right people, very quickly, efficiently, and safely while making incredible gains in the next 8 months before Excalibur in December. His after photos will be nothing short of astonishing. The right guidance + devout faith and dedication = History books.

Anthony ended up taking 5th place in the Excalibur in the light-heavies, but next year will finish taking 1st place. Now he is bigger, stronger, and hungrier than ever, now weighing in at 218 lbs at 6% body fat.


Anthony Before


Anthony After