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Submitted by: Christian Elliot

David's Success Story

Dear Reader,

I came to Christian just as I was ending my cancer therapy. I knew that I needed physical rehabilitation and I knew that I didn't have the self-discipline and accountability to maintain any sort of workout routine. Prior to my cancer, I had worked out on my own either at home or at gyms associated with my employment, but never with a personal trainer. Now, however, I felt I needed a personal trainer to keep me on a constant routine. I knew I would quit at the first excuse and the gym fee would be a waste of money.

I expected a personal trainer would go around with me set the pins in the machines and keep record of my progress. I was so surprised to learn what a personal trainer really does for a client. Christian knows and does so much more for a client than what I expected. Christian's knowledge of the body and exercises, and how the body and exercise interact, has completely blown me away. He immediately evaluated me from the most basic ability to balance (who would have thought?) and developed my "routine" from there.

I put "routine" in quotation marks because our workout sessions are far from routine. Christian knows more exercises to achieve a goal than I could ever imagine existed. I am constantly engaged during each session with him and am never, ever bored. But this isn't just from the varied exercises. Christian interviews me at the beginning of each session to see how I felt after the last session and how I feel on that day. I have come to understand that he uses this information to tailor that session's activities to how I felt and how I feel at the beginning of a session. Also, he has a great personality and is fun to work with.

In my time with Christian (two and a half months at the time of this writing), I have seen and felt such improvement from not being able to balance on one foot on the floor (yeah, I was pretty pathetic) to balance improvement that I feel in my stability in everyday activity, to muscular development that has restored my posture, relieved pain, and is rebuilding my strength.

I also engaged Christian to advise me and work with me on my nutrition. His instruction and advice on nutrition and improving my eating habits have been invaluable in complementing my workouts with good nutrition, the nutritional value of various foods, food preparation techniques, and how proper nutrition interacts to maintain a person's good health.

I am so glad I decided to work with Christian. I am astounded by what I have gotten from Christian for my money. I had no idea how much he could do for me. I got a professional whose knowledge and experience has made my workout time so much more valuable, effective, and beneficial than I ever imagined. He has been the best investment in achieving my goals and restoring my health. I am regaining my strength ...and getting back to a body that I can be proud of. I now wake up in the morning feeling good, alert, and ready for my day. I can handle the stress during my day so much better. And I feel happier all around. I highly recommend Christian as a personal trainer.

With my best wishes for a healthier you,
David Bouk, Alexandria VA


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