Biofeedback and Meditation Helps Veteran to Manage Pain

Submitted by: Jamie Brantley

Army Veteran, Family Member, Mother of School Age Children's Success Story

While I was living in a small U.S. military community in Vicenza, Italy, I helped soldiers and family members improve their health and develop resiliency through providing Heart Rate Variability biofeedback training education in the Wellness Center.

Clients were often referred by their health care providers in order to learn regulation skills to help them cope with issues such as pain, anxiety, sleep disturbances and stress. Both clients and providers often expressed great satisfaction with how the physiological regulation tools learned in biofeedback helped compliment their ongoing health care therapies.

Below is a quote from the comment card one of my clients submitted to the installation leadership:

“I would like to take time to share this information which helped me immensely with my health issues. Ms. Jamie Brantley, who is a volunteer, provides an excellent service at the Army Wellness Center. While I have been on medications for fibromyalgia and chronic knee and back pain for 7 years, pain still interferes with my sleep. Meditation and Biofeedback has helped to improve my sleep habits and more over my pain syndromes. I would like to thank my provider for referring me to Ms. Brantley and thank Ms. Brantley for her expertise in helping me cope with my issues I was suffering with for a long period of time. I hope this program will help our deployed soldiers and would like to see this as a continuing program not only here in Italy but elsewhere in the Army, too.”