Bike Accident

Submitted by: Robert Kessen

's Success Story

"At 15 years old, I had a motor bike accident that left me with lower back pain throughout my life and required me to sleep on the floor for relief. I also suffered severe pain in both knees which hurt me while simply walking. I tried chiropractics but nothing eliminated my pain. I saw a brochure about "core exercises" which caught my interest and then met Bob Kessen. He did an initial fitness test and decided to take me on as a client. After three years personal training with Bob, I no longer have any knee or back pain. I am in better shape now than I was 10-15 year ago and no longer suffer from the pains that troubled me most of my life. Personal training by Bob, with his keen insight into how you feel when you start each session and how he adjusts each session to get the most benefit is the key to why his clients trust him. He has truly helped me regain my physical life so that I really enjoy getting up to enjoy another day."
Roger E. - 68 yrs.