Biggest Loser

Submitted by: Lee Sommers

Sophia's Success Story

After I left the Biggest Loser Ranch I worked with two trainers before I started working with Lee. I can say, hands down Lee is the best! Not only is he punctuational and professional but he is also personable. I came to Lee with multiple injuries and a very short time line in which to drop as much weight as possible. Lee was able to work with my injuries in a way that no other trainer had been able to. He incorporated a lot of physical therapy type exercises in to our training sessions. He even took the initiative to connect me with a physical therapist - again something no trainer before him had done. In addition, Lee quickly caught on to my personality quirks and used his new found knowledge to keep me motivated during some pretty grueling work outs. I am extremely grateful to Lee and all that he has done for me. He is truly a phenomenal trainer ... and a pretty great person too :)


Sophia After