Big Changes

Submitted by: Elena Rotolo

Patricia's Success Story

I don't think there are enough words for me to say regarding what you have done for not only me, but my whole family.
Besides the awesome workouts I get from you week to week that make parts of my body hurt that I never knew I
had...opened my eyes to the garbage I had been putting in my mouth, and further, what I was putting in my family's mouth.
For hyper-thyroid, you have been there every step of the way to help us understand what to do and how to handle it all. I
am enough for that. Between the foods being tailored to my body makeup and eating better, I have never felt so good. I'm
more energized during the day and I never feel that bloated, heavy feeling after I eat. But more importantly, I am setting a
basis for my children to grow up with clean foods and a healthy lifestyle.And any issue I or my family has, you know instantly
what herb to take to make it all better.
And I guess I have to say thank you for making my husband live longer...hahaha, kidding. I really can't thank you enough!!!
You have really opened his eyes to a lot of things, and it's all starting to sink in. And besides all the advice you give, your
encouragement and willingness to be available for any questions is what really makes me realize how much you care about
your clients well-being.
Thank you, thank you, a million thank yous!