Big Changes

Submitted by: Amanda Rudd

Chrissy's Success Story

"I have never worked out with another trainer; however, I am so comfortable with Amanda. She is knowledgeable, kind and tough at the same time. She never judges, but instead guides me in the right direction.
What I love the Best is that the workouts are always changing. I never get bored doing the same things, and I feel I am always working a different part of my body - working arms, lower body, abs, back etc. It is a total body workout. When I was getting started, I did not have exercise equipment (weights, Workout Ball, etc,) Amanda brought everything I needed. We use the floor, chair, the wall; I feel my muscles working more than I ever did in a gym using machines. I would never push myself to workout. With Amanda, I have a set time that she is working with me.
If I was doing exercises on my own, I wouldn't push myself to do that one extra lift or stretch. With the help of the Health, Fitness, & Nutritional Binder, it's all about accountability. With the binder, I have a base to look at and see if I'm on task. Amanda, can review my progress, and guide me in the right direction. I no longer look at food the same way - It is fuel now, not a crutch.
I am healthier and my mental attitude is better. I can walk, run, play, and not be out of breath and exhausted. When I started I couldn't do more that one push up and a couple of sit ups. I was out of breath walking up the stairs. I have shed to date a total of 43 pounds, while gaining muscle and strength. My shape has totally changed. I receive compliments everywhere I go and I recently I had to have a new Sam's Club photo ID taken because they didn't believe the picture on the card was me!"