Big Change, New Beginnings

Submitted by: Jeff Sygman

Doug Schiable Jr.'s Success Story

Over the course of fifiteen months, a young mans committment and dedication to lifestyle modification returns amazing results./

Doug Schaible Jr. like most Americans was young, out of shape and very overweight. However, his determination to make big changes would be any personal trainers dream. Doug was the client that most trainers dream about. The client that makes it exciting to get up and plan a new workout. Over the past eighteen years, I can count on one hand, the number of clients that followed the rules and did it right. Most clients talk about what they want, like you are "Santa Claus" and it's a gimme. Many of them never do what is necessary to make the lasting changes.

What was great about Doug Schaible's story, was that he truley made this goal a priorty. Doug, gave completely of himself and really trusted me. He allowed me the opportunity to make decisions. He gave me permission to call the shots. His ability to communicate with me and follow rules was a huge factor in his weight loss success. We layed out the guidelines together, visited every couple of weeks to discuss progress and made sure that expectations were being met. Ultimately, his dedication and committment to his goals and the program were outstanding. He's the guys that went the extra mile most of the time.

Here is Doug results. He lost a total of 72'' over fifteen months , that's 6 feet. What makes this one of my favorite success stories is that Doug used no supplements or medication to assist him in his efforts. This was strickly exercise and good nutrition.He toook his BF% from 53% down to 21%. He lost over 175 lbs. going from a 425 lbs. down to under 250 lbs. His workouts varied from short and easy in week one to hard and long close to the end of our work together. Overall, he averaged about 90 minutes of cardio 5 days /weeks and three hours of strength training three days /week. He maintained a 1700-2200 calorie diet most days of the week. He trained with me 3 times/week on average but was engaged everyminute of the day. He bought a bike and did the MS 150 shortly after. You gotta pay it forward!