Beating those pesky inches

Submitted by: Eli Studer

Kandi's Success Story

For awhile I was training this young lady, who I knew for a while and became pretty good friends since she hung out with a friend of mine (her boyfriend). When I got certified, she needed some help losing a couple pounds and inches. So I couldn't resist and decided to help. The one thing though, she was a little bit afraid of weights, which is understandable since most gyms are divided with girls on cardio and guys on weights. I explained to her though you will be sore on some days, these dumbbells, barbells and machines will help tone, since you will be using muscles you haven't use. Plus helping her on her diet, explaining the importance of white meat like chicken and turkey and keeping away from high sodium, high fat foods. After a month and a half, she was thanking me for helping her accomplish her goals and she still sticks with her diet and regime to this day.