Better Golf Without The Back Pain

Submitted by: Jon Lempke

Jim's Success Story

I started a weekly stretching program with Jon nearly four months ago because of several desires:
(1) I wanted to increase my overall flexibility and produce a greater range of motion in my joints.
(2) I wanted to prevent or reduce any risk of injury such as a muscular tear.
(3) I wanted to improve my recovery time between activities and hopefully enhance my golf performance.
I’m not trying to make big gains in flexibility in a short period of time. I realize it should be done gradually over a period of time and then maintained. I’ve experienced many health benefits from the stretching program.
I have improved respiratory function, I no longer have lower back pain, and I have increased my golf driving distance by 25 yards. After each session, I feel very light, flexible, refreshed, and I feel younger than I did before being stretched.
I highly recommend trying a stretch session with Jon. Have fun and stay loose.
Jim Juras 10/18/09