Better Cyclist and Improved Health

Submitted by: roberto parker

Joan's Success Story

I am a female who until after having children did not focus on my fitness. Then I became very immersed in achieving the best fitness I could. This path led me into mountain biking and road cycling which I took to a competitive level. As my fitness had increased I began to work with various trainers to help improve my strength, muscle tone and cycling performance. It wasn¹t until I began to work with Roberto Parker that I actually learned of the much larger and beneficial aspect of sports conditioning. I saw a great improvement in my strength and fitness in the first season after working with Roberto. That improvement has motivated me to continue and work to inspire others.

I have worked with other trainers and know that Roberto¹s programs are far beyond the programs I have received or seen. He really builds a multi-dimensional program, not just based on lifting weights, but on all around fitness for conditioning, balance and optimal health.