Better balance and flexibility

Submitted by: Amy Blackburn

Gym Rat Richard's Success Story

I arranged for a 6-month course of biweekly 1-hr sessions with Amy, devoted to stretching and balancing exercises. I am 67 years old, and do heavy lifting at a large gym three times a week to keep fit and toned. However, I felt that stretching on my own wasn't doing my flexibility nearly the good I thought it should be doing. I also felt somewhat clumsy trying to do some of the workouts I was attempting, that is, my body felt inflexible and seriously out of balance. After 6 months with Amy my balancing and flexibility improved dramatically; as a result I now feel much more at ease and in control working with free weights, and the "clumsy" feeling I had before has disappeared. I truly believe that training with Amy, with her extensive knowledge and advanced-level experience and counseling, has enhanced my own overall fitness level VERY substantially. I certainly recommend her without reservation to anyone of any age seeking to improve their own strength, flexibility, and fitness.