Bethany's Story of "Never Give Up"

Submitted by: Teresa Lively

Bethany's Success Story

My name is Bethany Artz and I started Teresa Lively's boot camp in August 2012 at 149 pounds. My last class was in October and I lost eight pounds in those 3 little months!! I could not keep participating in boot camp due to a time conflict with my work/personal schedule. Since leaving her class I have lost another four pounds for a total weight loss of 12 pounds!! I have Teresa to thank for this. She showed me that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. When I thought I should stop and give up I could hear her say, keep going, you're doing great, you can do this!! Well, I did it! I still have another 12 pounds to lose but with Teresa's voice in my head while I exercise I can do it!! Another big thing is portion control. I have learned that eating smaller portions definitely helps! I didn't want to stop excercising and loose what I had gained while participating in boot camp and my option was limited to home. So now at home I have a couple of DVD's that I use. I use Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home and Biggest Loser's At Home Challenge. When I use to do the Biggest Loser DVD, I would always give up and not want to finish the exercise. Since completing Teresa's boot camp, I don't give up and I make myself finish because I know deep down I can do it! It is such an awesome feeling to know that I can do this and that by summer I will hopefully be down my other 12 pounds. I will definitely have to give another update in the next couple of months to let you know how I am doing! I am very excited for what the future holds!

April 2013
When I started Teresa's bootcamp 7 months ago I weighed 149 pounds. I unfortunately had to stop taking her class because of family reasons. When I was not in class I was doing a couple of exercise dvd's or my children and I would walk or ride our bikes around our neighborhood. When Teresa started up the Turbokick class I was sure to sign up. It fits into my schedule and I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to see the results of what her class can do for me! I am now down 20 pounds and I am so excited and happy. I am a much healthier person now and have Teresa to thank. I have also started eating a lot healthier and that helps out a lot as well. I can't wait to give my next update!


Bethany Before


Bethany After