Best Shape of My Life

Submitted by: Keith Bishop

Sherry G.'s Success Story

Having always been physically active throughout my life, I was disturbed with myself for gaining 20 pounds over the past year. The contributors to my weight gain were poor eating habits, lack of exercise, stress, and mid-life metabolism changes. 

I promised myself that before turning 46 in September, I would lose the weight I gained, develop a much more toned physique, and acquire a healthy nutritional lifestyle. Therefore, when my husband and I relocated to the Lake Norman area in mid-January, we converted one of our home’s bedrooms into a very basic gym consisting of free weights, a bench, a stability ball, a jump rope, and an elliptical machine. The only thing missing from our gym was myself. It became very apparent that I needed structure and motivation from a professional trainer to obtain my goals.

On February 28th I found Keith Bishop, certified trainer and owner of Impact Fitness, and my transformation literally began that day. During our consultation, Keith actively listened to my concerns and goals, recorded my weight and measurements, and conducted my first workout session in the privacy of my own home. I was so impressed with Keith’s talent, professionalism, and energy that I signed up for 32 sessions! I was committed.

Keith’s approach to fitness is very unique because each of his sessions involves a variety of exercises, providing excitement and challenge rather than dullness and boredom. There’s no slacking with Keith; he knows just how far to push me to maximize my ability and performance, leaving me feeling energized after each of my customized, one-hour sessions.

Facts speak the truth! At my eighteen-week assessment, I lost 17 pounds of weight, 8.5% of my body fat, and 11.5 total inches off my body. I have added muscle and gained strength throughout my body and feel terrific. My positive results were accomplished by working with Keith for one hour, three times a week, a healthy caloric intake, and doing my own cardio workout two times a week for 30 minutes. I’m at the halfway point of reaching my September goals and it’s only April. I can’t wait for my next six-week assessment, and to continue working with Keith for a long time.

If you are looking for an economical trainer who is 100% dedicated to assisting you achieve your goals, always available to answer questions or provide motivation via e-mail, phone, or text, arrives punctually to your home or gym for each session, and will give you positive results, Keith Bishop is your answer, he will not disappoint!

(After photo taken at 18 weeks, we are currently still working together.)


Sherry G. Before


Sherry G. After