Best Shape of My Life

Submitted by: Anne Goertzen

Steve's Success Story

Spending my entire life active in organized sports, vigorous military training, heli-skiing, triathlons, marathons, and Exterra events I had always considered myself “in shape”. I dedicated much of my free time to getting and staying in physically fit. However, not until I was exposed to TRX through Anne Goertzen had I realized how deficient and time consuming my training had been. I have never experienced such a complete and total body workout from any of my training, including expensive professional training from the most reputable on line services. TRX coupled with Anne Goertzen’s knowledge pertaining to all sports and fitness are a combination to the ultimate and most rewarding workout I have ever experienced. For more than 2 years I have been sold on Anne and her approach to total body strength training and we have relied heavily on the TRX to achieve many different fitness goals. Whether we are concentrating on weight loss, weight gain, endurance, strength or core stabilization Anne has always gotten me to my goals successfully and quickly. With a maintained TRX fitness program I am confident I can jump right into any event, sport or physical activity and have the confidence that my 43 year old body is up to the challenge without the risk of injury. I have seen a measurable performance gain in all activities from more distance on the golf course, to more power on the bike or ski hill. I was looking for something that would help relieve my nagging back pain and prevent injuries“ what I found was the solution to both and discovered much more. Thanks to Anne and her personalized TRX programs I am possibly in the best OVER ALL shape of my life!