BEST! Me Client Spotlight Q&A- St. Jude 1/2 Marathon!

Submitted by: Rebecca Marino

Karen's Success Story

1. What results have you experienced since beginning your program at Fitness INSPIRATION! Inc.?

I began a program with Fitness INSPIRATION! Inc. a little over two years ago, and I have enjoyed many health benefits including reduced cholesterol levels, more stabilized and normal blood pressure levels, more regular heartbeat, and a healthier approach to nutrition. I have more energy and stamina, improved balance, better posture, and much healthier eating habits. Overall my mind, body, and spirit are stronger, and I have much less tendencies to be stressed or depressed.

2. Can you tell your story about your health and wellness journey?

I had never been on any kind of regular exercise program, but I knew for some time I needed to take better care of myself. All three of my children are very active, and I knew deep down I was going to be left behind at some point when family activities were planned. I had noticed some aging signs in my body, and most were considered hereditary and normal aging processes. However, I was not willing to accept these evidences of aging as routine, and I knew I did not want to be on any medication for them. About that time my sister suggested that I should start working out
with her new personal trainer, Becca Marino, and the timing was perfect.
Becca helped me set my goals, and she continues to inspire me to work on lifestyle changes. I have worked out consistently with her over the last two years, sometimes four and five times a week, and I see a wide array of benefits. At her suggestion I saw a nutritionist and am working on correcting some deficiencies in my eating habits. I am becoming more intentional in what I do, what I eat, and how I think. When I can, I eat organic foods. I practice living in the moment, mindful of the day I am given. My life is much more vital, and it is easier to believe I can do whatever needs to be accomplished personally and professionally.
3. I hear you recently completed the St. Jude 1/2 Marathon. How were you able to accomplish such an amazing achievement?
I did complete the 2010 St. Jude 1/2 Marathon. I was motivated because I wanted to be a runner. I started running about a year ago and just kept pushing a little harder and further until my endurance began to build, and I could see how much I enjoyed being outside and running. I needed a goal, so in the spring of 2010 I told Becca and my co-workers and friends that I was going to run the half marathon in December. I wanted to be accountable to people around me. The race was awesome. I loved running for the kids of St. Jude, and I really enjoyed achieving my goals. I'll always remember it.

4. What do you love about Fitness INSPIRATION! Inc.?

I love working out with Becca and a group of wonderful people who are there to achieve their health and fitness goals, too. They are very positive and encouraging, and we help one another. We work hard, but we enjoy a great diversity of workout routines that are never dull or boring. We work on cardio and strength training along with stretching, and I can see without a doubt that I am a more healthy and confident person because of what I have achieved. If I can do 6:00 am boot camp in cold weather, I can accomplish just about anything the remainder of the day. I love what I do, I love the people I meet, and I can't imagine exercising without Becca to keep me on task and on purpose, so I continue to meet my goals and enjoy a whole new lifestyle. I love more, laugh more often, and enjoy the many blessings of an active life because of the motivation and structure I receive at Fitness INSPIRATION! Inc.

Karen Bishop
December 6, 2010


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