BEST! Me Boot Camper - FINISHING STRONG! In 2010

Submitted by: Rebecca Marino

Deanna's Success Story

2011 WILL Be Your Best Year Yet!!

Dear Friends, I hope your 2011 is off to an amazing start and that you are feeling recharged, inspired, and focused after all the holiday celebrations.

Speaking of focused and recharged, I just completed a world-class coaching course that inspired me to create a 'Blueprint for Success in 2011.' A Game-Changing-Move(GCM) that is going to make 2011 My BEST Year Ever! I would like to share some of these great tips and empowering practices with you so you also may achieve your BEST in health, fitness, and wellness in 2011. But before we get to that, I want to open with this 2010 FINISH STRONG! success story from one of our ALL-STAR Fitness INSPIRATION! Inc. family members, DEANNA S:

"Why don't you just wait til after the new year?" That's the question I had to answer about fifty times when I started going back to boot camp around the beginning of December. My response..."why not?"

Yes, it takes effort to get up early in the morning to work out but in my opinion, it is well worth it. I'm a single mom, work full time and really have to juggle my schedule. Going to boot camp first thing in the morning lets me mark my workout off the sometimes seemingly never ending list of things to do. Now that the new year is here I have momentum and I have lots of reasons to continue to my "best me" journey. Yes, I've drank the kool-aid and I am officially on the "best me" path. I'm excited about being active and excited about becoming a healthier me. I have several goals for the new year and so far things are going super well. I'm excited about the choices I'm making for myself. Going to boot camp class in the morning helps me to stay focused on my day and on my goals for a healthier me.

Making healthier choices is a reward for myself. For a long time I felt like exercising and/or dieting was almost a punishment for me. I tended to complain about exercise and felt like I was somehow depriving myself when I tried to change my eating habits. Now I have changed my train of thought and it is much easier for me to make the choices that are better for my overall health. I am excited about what I have accomplished so far and I'm also excited about where my "best me" journey takes me!


Deanna Before