BEST! Me 4 Life Boot Camper

Submitted by: Rebecca Marino

Lisa's Success Story

My BEST! Me Results:
I feel stronger and more toned! I wake up earlier (even before the alarm!) and get a jumpstart on my day! I am exhausted by 9:30-10:00pm and have been sleeping very hard! My motivation to do other physical activities, such as running & playing with my 5-year old, gardening, cleaning, and swimming has improved tremendously! I am less grouchy in the morning and more patient through the day! I am less frustrated with my life; because Im not procrastinating Im doing it! I feel better because I am taking responsibility for my personal well-being and health. I can do more repetitions of push-ups, sit-ups, etc.! My clothes fit better! I am told I look trimmer! YAY!

What I learned at BEST! Me Boot Camp:

I needed a jump start to taking time for and care of ME! In order to be the BEST! Me for me and my family, I am learning to invest in my health and well being! I am learning to set the example through consistent exercise, better nutrition and eating habits, and taking the time to remember my priorities! This commitment has taught me to reprioritize and to make time for a personal fitness as a priority! I feel better about myself, because I am taking the time for this priority!


I strongly recommend Boot Camp and Insanity with Becca Marino! Becca is a true professional! She comes prepared every session with an increasingly challenging and unique workout! She uses tools that can be found around the home to help us build muscle and tone! She is very organized and has an excellent workout plan, so that we are bringing it! every minute of the hour workout! Becca high energy and dedication to her craft inspires and motivates each member of the class! She builds camaraderie within the group through her challenging workout, her positive attitude, her great smile, and her inspiring talk and energy! Who laughs while they workout at 6am?! WE DO!! Becca ends each session with an inspirational thought or reading for the day! We came as strangers, and we leave as positive, energetic, supportive friends!! What a GREAT way to start or enhance your day!

Lisa H. July, 2010


Lisa After