Beginning Runner

Submitted by: Laurie Lasseter

Mike's Success Story

Before I met Laurie, I was doing the Stairmaster machine, the exercise bike and running for 15 minutes each (45 minutes total) a few times a week. I considered this work-out to be quite a chore. I would leave the gym exhausted after every session but I wasn't losing weight and wasn't getting stronger physically. I was just not seeing results and progress. I was lifting weights, but over the years my shoulders were feeling painful – it had gotten so bad I could no longer do any pushing or pulling exercises without a lot of pain. The running I was doing was about 15 minutes per session as a warm up. As I mentioned, I really dreaded these workouts.

It was at that point that I met Laurie Lasseter and began to train with her. Laurie noted issues with my clothing (sweat shirts!) and hydration that were causing me to feel exhausted without working that hard. She corrected these issues and and I immediately began to feel better and was able to work harder. She told me I had running potential and she started working with me 3 times per week. She created a program for me and I was able to work my way up to 20-25 miles per week. She also guided me in running shoe selection - she saw that I was pronating when I ran (I didn’t even know what that meant) and guided me to shoe selection that helped me build my mileage and stay pain-free.

Laurie taught me to enjoy exercise and to make it part of my life. As a result of my running success and Laurie’s encouragement, she made me actually look forward to exercise! She also taught me how to enjoy life more – and not to be intimidated by the achievements of others and by setting goals and achieving them. I no longer see things in life as unachievable. And she helped me believe in myself. She showed me how to break down my goals into manageable steps and make them happen. As Laurie says, Life is a process.

Laurie helped me discover the joy of running. She helped me find a pace and program that made running enjoyable instead of a chore like my workouts were before I met Laurie.

Laurie worked with me on my strength training - she immediately corrected my faulty weight-lifting technique on bench presses and lat pull downs. As a result my long-standing shoulder issues improved immediately and completely subsided within a couple of months.

My diet before I met Laurie was very high in bread and red meat. As a result I was overweight and that wasn’t changing. As she helped me with my running program, she also helped me make better food choices and better balance my proteins, carbohydrates and fats according to healthy guidelines. As a result of this and my running training I was able to lose 45 lbs over a period of 9-10 months. I didn't feel like I was eating less at all. I was eating better, more nutritious food and I was eating at the right times of day. As a result I started feeling better - I was never hungry and never tired.

I have given a lot of the guidance and advice I got from Laurie to my 2 younger cousins (32 and 26). This has helped them immensely with their training progressions and improvement - the 26 year old has run 2 marathons and is training for the Madison Ironman Triathlon. The 32 year old has now run 4 marathons and is an active half-marathon triathlete and mountain biker.


Mike After