Before Moving

Submitted by: Ria Zervos

Danelle's Success Story

I trained with Ria Zervos for three years, both in a structured gym class setting and also in a one on one personal weekly training session. Ria is highly knowledgeable of strength and cardio training, and her weekly routines in both the class and the personal session definitely aided me in gaining muscle tone and strength as well as mainting my weight within a certain range.

Haven taken several different weight training classes, I can say with certainty that Ria's classes were unique and utilized a wide variety of tools such as bosu, gliders, hand held weights, elastic bands, bars in combination with exercises which used the body's own weight as resistence. During her classes and personal sessions, Ria was creative in using the different tools on a weekly basis, which kept the classes and sessions engaging. She also was very consistent in working all muscle groups in each training session.

I moved to Austin 18 months ago, and I have yet to find a class as engaging as Ria's San Francisco class was.