Before & After Personal Success Story.

Ary 's Success Story

NObody belive me WHEN I SAY..YES I have been in your place.. I gained weight, I was depress, I lost confident on me , I lose my self like a shadow. Then ONE day, I said , NO MORE..I need to be myself again and I know I was going to be able to achieve what I was planning to do, I commit, I believe and I achive!..I took over my life, my health and my Confidence. Now I came BACK and I will stay in TRACK for my self and for my loveones. I belive and love what I do, thats why I am dedicating my life to help others find the way. I formaly teach ZUMBA Fitness and you can find my class schedule direct : or go to WEB page : . I hope to see you some day, so I can share my passion with you!


Ary    Before


Ary    After