Because of you. I am now pursuing a career in Personal Training

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Anika's Success Story

Hi Paul,

I just wanted to touch base with you to tell you something I thought would bring a smile to your face. My mom ended up being the winning bidder of some personal training sessions you donated to our Tour de Cure event a couple of years ago. When she lost her job last year she decided to give it a try because she had time to make the drive to see you. Her name is Marie-Ann Halladay.

You made such an impact on her, you have no idea. I remember her telling me how happy she was to hear from you that she had pretty good muscle tone for her age:). Since then she has decided to embark on her own quest to become a Certified Personal Trainer and started taking classes at Macomb Community College last month. Her goal is to help people over the age of 60 to stay active so they can live a long healthy life past retirement age.

We are all so proud of her and I really give you a lot of credit for helping her to see what she was capable of physically. I've always thought of her as an active mom but I could see she sometimes doubted her own abilities and strength.

It's crazy to see my mom bolting out the door heading to spin or stability ball class but truthfully I love it. My fiancé and I enjoy training for endurance events and now having a mom who is trying to set her own PR at half marathons is pretty incredible.

A big thanks to you! By the way, I think your newsletter is great. Thanks for sending it my way!

Take care,


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