Beautiful Bride

Submitted by: Elena Rotolo

Nicole's Success Story

Working out has always been a chore for me - getting up the motivation to get my butt to the gym is my biggest challenge!
Not to mention I'm not the strangers, using dirty equipment and having to wait for certain machines to become available.
But that was all before ELENA! She's a wonderful instructor - fun, smart, and makes working out something I actually look
forward to now! I am a bride-to-be, my wedding is in August, and I want to look fabulous in my dress. Knowing that, she has
designed a program for me that is going to define my body perfectly for my big day ; ) Not only is she talented, motivated
and knowledgeable, her studio is the perfect setting to get your workout on - it's filled with everything you need, including
privacy (no more working out
in front of strangers!) I don't know what I would do with out her!
Thank you Elena for being Absolutely Flabulous!