Be Prepared to Sweat

Submitted by: The Energy Lab

Dawn's Success Story

I was invited to one of Jill's Boot Camps a couple of years ago. All I thought was geez, boot camp...some yelling banshee ordering us into push-ups and pull-ups until we dropped. That couldn't have been further from the truth. Instead there was this pixie of a woman with the heart of a lion leading us through things that were both butt-kicking and fun. I can't actually say the hour flew by, but it was an hour worth every minute and second of it.

Two years later and Jill is still my go-to gal for a workout that will give real results whether individually or in a group. She has the natural ability to push and encourage you without calling you a wuss. Instead, she agrees that you could stop where it is challenging, you know how that feels, or push further and see where that takes you. I fall for that approach every time!

Jill is creative in her approach to training, using everything from TRX to hula-hoops. She keeps me true to myself and my goals. Whether you have spent a good portion of your life as a couch spud or you are an athlete looking for better performance and fewer injuries, Jill Rooks is the trainer for you! Please be warned, come prepared to SWEAT!"