Barely holding back the tears

Submitted by: Deb Preachuk

Jami O.'s Success Story

Deb, if you were here I would be hugging you right now!

I just got back a little while ago from my jog...tonight was the 25 minutes jog no walking breaks workout and that's the longest jog so far into the program.

I could barely hold back the tears at my last couple of minutes of the jog.

As long as I concentrated on keeping my feet and knees inward while I was jogging - I imagined I was running pigeon toed which apparently is actually straight for me - I was feeling great!

It was like I was a completely different person jogging tonight not fighting the physics of my body moving the wrong way.

I actually caught myself smiling at several points in the jog and that has NEVER EVER been the case for me. I am usually praying to God to please help me make it through the pain to keep going and not quit.

Instead I was thinking about the fact that I will be able to enter and finish a 5K race at some point, no problem! It was truly incredible! My left glute still did hurt a bit, but nothing like it has been and I am confident it is on the mend.


I really appreciate all of the time you spent with me at my appointment and then afterwards getting my Egoscue account set up, putting my session pictures, menu notes, posture analysis, and E-cises together for me!