Barbara Lytle Testimonial

Submitted by: Curtis Selby

's Success Story

I was lucky enough to be assigned Curtis when I redeemed a coupon for 3 free personal training sessions at the start of my O2 Fitness membership in January 2007. I was a little wary - I get easily bored with weights and didn't want to spend money on something for which I was getting no enjoyment (irrespective of the results).

Curtis makes the sessions fun, pushing me to my limits, but never beyond. Each week, the exercises are always different, so Curtis has more than lived up to his promise that I would not be bored working with him. As my fitness level progresses and to keep things interesting, he gives me new challenges - most recently, we have started alternating "strength" and "endurance" weeks. In our time together, he has a low key, but very motivating approach, which is a nice compliment to my personality.

Almost two years later, I have rarely missed one of my weekly sessions. I look forward to these workouts, since I always feel better leaving than when I arrive - quite a statement considering the stress of my job.