Back/Shoulder pain

Submitted by: jason corrie

Victoria's Success Story

Having spent the majority of my life avoiding any form of physical exercises going to the gym was about as exciting as booking into the hospital for major surgery. After several years working in the city and spending many hours on laptops I was seeing a Physio on a regular basis and spent around 4 years with back and shoulder pain. I first started with Jason 4 years ago with the specific aim of building strength in my back and to see if it would help in any way with the pain.
Fast forward 4 years and although I still don't love the gym and often have the desire to run out during my session I haven't seen a Physio in 3 1/2 years, have lost over 10kg, gone down 2 dress sizes and feel totally different. Jason is an experienced trainer who doesn’t let you get away with anything! Also be warned he has strong views on diet... but most annoyingly his advice really works....
Victoria Thompson