Back to Track for Jenny

Submitted by: Eric Johnson

Jenny's Success Story

First impressions are big ones, that is why my first impression of Eric is etched in my head forever. I think I speak for everyone that when you think of a personal trainer, a big, muscular man pops into your mind. Although the first time I saw Eric he was the exact opposite of that look, his physical strength and knowledge eventually proved me wrong, as well as the fact that I left limping from soreness after our very first session. Being a track athlete, I’ve adapted extremely well to hard workouts and I know what being pushed to the limit means. I’ve dealt with multiple coaches throughout my journey as an athlete, and Eric has definitely made one of the most lasting impressions. Not only has Eric helped me gain physically, but mentally as well.
Track puts a lot of strain on your body, and over the years my body became muscularly dominant on my left side. Hoping to get better, I went to multiple doctors, physical therapists, the whole works.. and none of those trained professionals seemed to work. As I was ready to give up, I was introduced to Eric through my mother and my life literally has not been the same ever since. The persistent pain in my left side was healed in less than a few weeks of sessions with the hard work that Eric was willing to provide to help my condition. For the first time in my life I can sincerely say my pain has diminished thanks to his dedication to solving my problem. He pushed me beyond limits that I knew I had, and left me feeling satisfied after every workout, knowing that I did my absolute best and was pushed hard enough to make myself better. I am so happy to say that my imbalance is basically healed, and I indeed have become a better athlete than I was before. Looking back at where I was physically to where I am now amazes me. Simple things such as doing a single leg squat were challenging in the beginning and now they’re a breeze. I loved that the workouts were adapted to fit my needs and (for me) were track specific. Not only that, but individual attention helped both Eric and I focus and make sure I was doing every movement correctly so that I wouldn’t get injured or reinjured.
Not only has Eric helped me tremendously with my injury, but he has become a friend and somebody I can talk to whenever I have a bad day. Being a senior in high school with college right around the corner, Eric helped me with some of the most stressful situations in my life and for that I am grateful. I received some of the most helpful advice of my life from Eric which in return made me better myself as a person. I guarantee that he always has your best interest in mind; he genuinely cares about any situation in your life. Not only that, but he is completely understanding if you ever have last minute obligations or injuries that could hold you back. I felt like sessions with Eric were stress free, and a place I could go to vent and have somebody to listen and guide me. Eric’s number one focus is making you better in every aspect, as he does a very good job with it. Being introduced to Eric has opened many doors that I didn’t even know existed, and I know everything he has taught me will stay with me for the rest of my life. I know without a doubt that this 2014 track season will be my best knowing how much I've grown with his help! I would recommend Eric to anybody in a heartbeat, especially if you’re looking for a physical challenge as well as improvement.
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