Back to the Tennis Courts!

Submitted by: 3D Fitness

Paula's Success Story

Getting up in the morning, my ankles were stiff; I’d hobble around the house for the first 30 minutes each day. Walking around the neighborhood greenbelt felt like slogging through mud. An ever present sore point in my back would become so painful after driving for an hour that long distance driving vacations were not possible. Constant tightness in my shoulders and neck limited movement.

After turning my ankle 3 times in 6 weeks, I started personal training sessions with Lisa. Ten months later, her passion and expertise in three-dimensional movement, making everyday actions effortless, have given me a priceless gift. No longer in pain, no longer constrained by limited movement, no longer resigned to my world shrinking, I play tennis, do ballroom dance and have signed up for my first 5k – in my late fifties! An exhilarating joy and appreciation of being able to move so effortlessly is always with me.

Over a period of weeks, Lisa observed and assessed the way I walked, stood, sat, and turned while exercising. She identified problems (starting with the way I walked), designed an exercise strategy (small and easy at first, then progressing the exercises as I improved) and has continually tweaked the exercise strategy so that I can achieve the effortless motion that one sees so often in children playing.

I can’t say enough positive comments about Lisa and the personal training I’ve received – her professionalism, her ability to motivate, her expertise in the biomechanics of movement, her passion for improving the motion of her clients – and I delight in continuing to train with her.


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