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Submitted by: Juan Carlo San Juan

Maria's Success Story

Hello My name is Maria, and to say that Juan is a great trainer is an understatement!! Juan is truly "one" of a kind!! (No pun intended). I've been working out for about 8 months after giving birth to my daughter and recovering from an old gymnastics injury which involved my knees. Needless to say, my doctor prescribed medication and told me not to go back to gymnastics. I was not only depressed, but seriously fell out of shape, lost my motivation to exercise, and ate all the wrong foods and just let myself go. That's when I was introduced to Juan.. His training approach is unlike that of any other trainers I'd seen and I started to feel like an athlete all over again within a couple of weeks! My waist measurement went down from 45in to 32in in 8 weeks!! But most important of all, I am now able to do splits and flips!! Next are the balance beams and poles!! Juan not only trains you, but he also holds you accountable for your nutrition habits, exercise, and GOALS. Train with Juan and you will definitely reach your goals! Thank you for everything Juan!!


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