Back on Track

Submitted by: Jo Storms Scattergood

Elise's Success Story

August 2010 I started a serious search for a new gym. Two years and two babies since the last gym - IT WAS TIME. I knew the moment I walked into Twining Valley that I had found the right gym. I was thrilled to be matched up with Jo for the free fitness assessment in my first week, as she was one of the first people I encountered on my tour of the gym. She played a huge role in the “good-vibe-I-like-this-gym feeling” I got on that first day.

I’ve been working with Jo for the past year. I enjoy working with her immensely and get such a kick out of hanging with someone I would never have had the opportunity to get to know outside of the gym. As an introverted bookish type from the country, I have a tendency to put my head down, disengage from the chatter around me and just get the work done. Jo draws me out and I work my abs almost as hard laughing (usually with not at her) as I do executing the exercises.

The last time I worked with a trainer I was a complete novice and the world of fitness that opened to me changed my life. This year, as I have gotten back into a routine - reengaging previous skills and learning new ones, has been about taking control of my life and honoring my body in the process. I’m never going to be 5’ 10” and willowy. I’m over it. I’m not built like a runner, but you know what - I am a runner. Respecting and believing in what my body is capable of allows me to treat myself with patience and grace.

Over the past year I have slowly, but surely, whittled away 20 pounds, 16 1/2 inches, and I’m back down into the “normal” body fat percentage ratio range. Right now I am focusing on increasing my mileage running. Last Sunday I ran eight miles! Not only did I run eight miles (on hills mind you), but I did it comfortably and felt GOOD when I was done!! I love my body and that is an amazing gift to pass on to my daughters.

I am grateful to Jo for getting me back on track, being available when I need instruction and also letting me take my time to do my own thing. I look forward to our next adventure together!
- 20 lbs!

- 16 1/2 inches!

-nearly 10% body fat!