Back on Track

Submitted by: Chandalyn Pulmano

Annie's Success Story

The best way to describe Chandalyn’s approach, is that it is INDIVIDUAL. Chandalyn listens to my goals, sees what my body can do, and then helps me reach them. She is always able to see more of what I am capable of than I can myself! Chandalyn is consistently positive and upbeat without being unrealistic, reminding me when I falter in my efforts or achievements to get back on the horse and keep going. Training is at least as much mental as it is physical, Chandalyn coaches both and the results are terrific. Since training with Chandalyn, I've lost 15 LBS, decreased body fat 4%, toned up overall and changed my life in ways I never imagined. Working with Chandalyn has helped me transform my attitude towards my body. While I am thrilled with the results we have achieved, the confidence and contentment with myself as a person is what I am most thankful for.