Back injury held me captive!

Submitted by: Val Strang

Ginny's Success Story

I have worked with numerous trainers over the years. Every time that I go in and talk to a new trainer I explain the back issues that I have and how that impacts my workouts. Each and every time I have gotten injured shortly after beginning a new workout. That is until I met Val Strang.
I explained to Val, just like I had every other trainer, that I had a herniated disc in my neck and that the orthopedic surgeon didn’t recommend that I workout certain ways, etc. I even told Val of my lack of belief in personal training due to the fact that I seem to end up injured all the time. But, I had heard amazing things about her and wanted to give it a try.
Val did an analysis like nobody else ever has. She took the time to understand my body and my issues. She explained to me what was causing some of my pain and how to correctly move my body to work it without hurting it. Val’s analysis is truly remarkable. She does not approach a person as “one size fits all”. She is completely in touch with what each individual needs.
In addition to Val’s extensive knowledge about how the body works and how to best get her clients in shape, she also genuinely cares about all of her clients. I don’t mean she cares about how much we workout or how good our bodies look. Val cares about our well-being as a person and our emotional health as well as our physical health.
I don’t believe that there is a better trainer on this earth, let alone in St. Louis. I would recommend Val, hands-down, to all my friends.