Back in Action!

Submitted by: Jason Bosley-Smith

Wes's Success Story

I have been out of the Marine Corps since 1995. I was medically discharged for chronic back problems. I have three degenerated disks in my lower back. In the years since my discharge I have been in constant pain. It became a vicious cycle because my weight ballooned up due to inactivity, leading to more pain, leading to more inactivity. I tried multiple doctors as well as a trainer from Bally's. Nothing worked!! In fact the trainer from Bally's made it worse. I was resigned to a life of pain or possibly surgery. For a final attempt at wellness I went to Jason at Synergy Health and Fitness. I explained my situation and Jason actually listened! He tailored a program that worked for me physically and he accommodated my hectic work schedule. After about three weeks of improving my flexibility and core strength my back pain has more or less disappeared. I feel a lot better both physically and emotionally. For that I am eternally grateful!!