Baby Weight Success

Submitted by: Crystal Asbury

Lisa Tucker's Success Story

I met Crystal in 2006, ten months after the birth of my second child and was 20 lbs overweight and very out of shape. Crystal worked diligently with me and had amazing patience with me on my good weeks and not so good week. With her guidance and my compliance I reached my goal weight of 125 and maintained that weight until my pregnancy with my 3rd child. This time, I worked with Crystal during my entire pregnancy and only gained 25 lbs and within nine months after my 3rd child I was in the best shape (goal weight acheived and toned). I totally believe in many of her perspectives on fitness. The biggest part of her training is her patience, persistance and always relying on my Polar watch to acurately record each and every workout. There is no cheating allow with Polar or Crystal.