Submitted by: Renee Jenkinson

Kyung's Success Story

Renee's life coaching has helped awaken in me - a bright light that had been overshadowed by 5+ years of solid toxic work environments. Together, we identified that my specific work experiences had been slowly eating away at my core confidence. Very simply: Renee helped to edify the fuzzy in my life.

Through her deep sense of awareness - I found that Renee is a present, generous and active listener. Her unique background as professional teacher and a master at communication are a rare and wonderful combination that allow for: honest, open and respectful conversations.

In our life coaching conversations - Renee engaged and invigorated a new way of seeing and thinking about my place in the context of the world and within my own personal life. She was able to help me recognize and identify modes of patterns in my daily movements - that are often hard to navigate alone. Especially in this unpredictably mysterious and yet simultaneously, beautiful and awkward journey called life.

With her incredible positive spirit, she is extremely accessible and has an extraordinary abundant outlook on life. Combined with her specific life coaching methodologies and techniques - Renee has left a phenomenal and lasting imprint in my life. Each morning - I now wake up smiling and dancing.

Renee is hands down one of the most amazing individuals I have ever met. If you are game - I am convinced that she could help bring focus, attention and awaken the light in your life too. Even if you are slightly interested, I urge you to try calling her. She is extremely kind - and could invite positive change to your life too.