Shoulder Surgery Not Needed

Submitted by: Robert Kessen

's Success Story

"During my senior year in high school, I developed severe pain in my shoulder and could no longer throw a baseball. I was scheduled for surgery and concerned that I would miss both the hockey and baseball seasons. After watching me attempt to throw a baseball, Bob Kessen said I should work more on increasing my flexibility because the shoulder was "locked up" from overtraining. Bob thought I had a muscle imbalance that limited my range of motion and could be causing the pain. After a few weeks performing his corrective flexibility and resistance exercises, my pain totally disappeared and no surgery was needed. Even though I am smaller than the majority of my opponents (5'8", 160 lbs), I never had a problem going head to head against players who were bigger than me because of my superior balance and core strength. Most importantly, I was able to avoid serious injury as a result of training with Bob. I helped lead our hockey team to the state championship game and was named all-conference outfielder for the baseball season."
Mike W. - 18 yrs.