Athletic Performance Peaking

Submitted by: Asim Khan

Danny's Success Story

I found Asim when searching for PICP Level 2 or higher coaches in the GTA. After a lengthy initial consultation, I was sold he was the man for the job. I started with him in good overall physical shape and health. My goals were to train for structural balance, functional strength and improved physique. Asim devised a plan based on a structural balance test and bio-signature assessment and we got right to it. The amount of thought and detail put into this plan was insane. I came into this also with quite a bit of knowledge already but he blew me away.

Asim’s approach to training is specific to the individual. That’s so important. His knowledge in supplementation and nutrition is remarkable as well and when you compliment a nutrition plan with a solid training program, results are inevitable. In a short 4 weeks, I was amazed at my progress. I was up to a lean weight I had never been be before, my strength was improving dramatically, and my performance in sports was amazing.

There’s something to say about a coach. They are your instructor, partner and friend. Asim helped me a great deal and we reached my goals. One thing I didn’t expect was the teaching he provided along the way“about everything. He’s always willing to share his knowledge“and he’s got a lot of it!

Thanks Asim for everything. You’re great!


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Danny After

Asim Khan

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