At Home Training Success

Submitted by: Jackie Koch

Jessica G's Success Story

As a full time mother of two children (ages 2 & 4), a full time registered nurse in the emergency room, a graduate student and wife I found my workouts taking a back burner in my life. I truly enjoy working out and I missed it dearly, but couldn’t figure out a way to fold it into my current extra busy lifestyle. I like to run when I get the chance, but I missed my gym time with weight training. Thanks to Jackie’s online fitness program, I am back at the weight training! To be honest, this program works me harder than I ever could in the gym. I can work out whenever I have the chance from my own house with basic equipment. Jackie gives detailed instructional videos while providing helpful tips and support. It is so inspiring to start each month with new workouts and notice as time progresses the workouts become easier! My progression with this program became my motivator as I knew each time I could do better; and did! Jackie provides three different levels of each exercise so any fitness level can be accommodated. I don’t own a scale (Jackie taught me that), as I measure my results with how I feel. I am wearing clothes that I have worn before pregnancy, and most are big! I have had my friends ask what I have been doing as I look “toned” and “svelte.” I am so thankful for this online program. I love the variety and the organization of each workout.

Jackie Koch

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