Another Happy Client

Submitted by: Greg McEwan

Rahul's Success Story

I'm probably the worst kind of client for a personal trainer. Some years ago, I used to work for a large gym in the Chicagoland area. Where most people had difficulty coughing up the cash for the premium membership, as an employee, my membership was free. Day-in, day-out for 4 years, I can count on one hand, the number of times I felt the urge to workout. I went through natural spurts in the gym, but I never clocked a full month straight. My effort was sub par.

A career shift later, I found the perfect cover/excuse to avoid the gym. Now being on the road 4-5 days a week and living out of every fast food and big box restaurant chain in America, my cholesterol was taking a pounding. My HDL (good cholesterol) was too low, LDL (bad cholesterol) was too high, and my Triglycerides were off the charts. Fear of a lifetime on pills and the wrath of my wife got me in the gym, but now the problem was maintaining the same level of motivation.

I met Greg one day and we hit it off pretty quickly. We agreed to meet twice a week and knowing my busy schedule, he kept our sessions at 45-60 minutes each. Without a doubt, I sweat more and worked harder while with Greg than any other time I've ever spent in a gym. Having many friends in health care, some who almost live in the gym, and having worked in a gym for 4 years... I know ignorant trainers when I see them. Greg's advice, plan and strategy to help me burn fat, build muscle and improve my overall health was exactly on point with my doctor friends, my gym rat friends and his approach did not include ingestion of anything unnatural.

Given that I was on the road, my time in the gym while on the road was limited. But with just my good effort 2 days a week, in just 12 sessions with Greg my results spoke for themselves. I lost 2-3 inches around my waist, 9 pounds, chub on my cheeks and I felt better. I was still on the road 4-5 days a week, but with Greg's help, I made better dietary choices and did not lose an ounce of motivation.

My only regret regarding my time with Greg is that I didn't call him sooner. He's a nice guy, has a great sense of humor, keeps focused and is very easy to get along with. Would I recommend hiring him? Absolutely, yes! That's why now, I have my mom seeing him too.
-Rahul 31 I.T. Consultant