Another Bootcamp Success

Submitted by: Kim Howard

Rob B.'s Success Story

Are you ready to get into shape and improve your health and fitness? If you are then Boot Camp Challenge is the perfect way to achieve your fitness goals. I started Boot Camp Challenge in March 2012 and just completed 12 weeks of working-out with Kim. Kim is a great trainer; she not only helped me get into shape, but helped improve my nutrition, both key to improving your health and fitness. The work-outs are challenging, fun and will push you to a new level of fitness. In twelve weeks I dropped 13 pounds, took 4” off my waist, more than double the number of push-ups and sit-ups I can do and cut 4 minutes 40 seconds off my 1 mile run time. I am 46 and if I can do this so can you. This is the best Boot Camp I have taken part in since my time at Fort Leonard Wood. I highly recommend Boot Camp Challenge and will be back for more.