Ann - Red Bluff, CA

Submitted by: Mark Bailey

Ann's Success Story

I am 62 years old and suffer from arthritis. I wanted to lose weight and get more flexibility in my joints. Thanks to Mark, I have met all my goals and had fun doing it. Mark also showed me that I could eat up to 2000 “good” calories and still lose weight. I went from 174 lbs (size 14) to 145 lbs (size 7). These sweatpants fit me snuggly when I started.
My doctors are also very impressed with my progress. By losing weight and making my joints and muscles around them stronger, I no longer need surgery to have both of my hips and knees replaced. I am also off of my blood pressure medication and my cholesterol is down from 215 to 154. I am very grateful to Mark.


Ann Before


Ann After