Angie's Transformation

Submitted by: Cathy Secord

Angie's Success Story

At 211, Angie was just fed up with being overweight. She had been to several different Health Clubs, as well as trying other avenues to achieve weight loss. I was so happy to meet Angie, such a great personality! We teamed up together to achieve weight loss, improve balance, coordination, tone, and strength. Angie began to learn how to fuel her body and became consistent with her workouts. Angie now has adhered to a brand new life change. There has been such an improvement in her balance and coordination. Angie continued to lose weight and maintain. She never wants to return to where she came from! This is my goal with my clients- teaming up with them to make a total life transformation!! Now at a healthy 149, Angie feels amazing and enjoys everyday living!! So proud of you Angie!! You are gorgeous, girl!!


Angie Before


Angie After