Andrea ingrained two valuable lessons in me: consistency and control.

Submitted by: Andrea Lane

Rekha's Success Story

In July 2011, I was at my wit’s end. I had gained a solid 20lbs since my wedding day 3 years earlier, and while I had always been active, I just couldn’t seem to shake the weight off. I was never a big eater, but I have never been consistent with workouts. I was also traveling a lot and couldn’t seem to stick with a schedule. Thinking I just needed someone to hold me accountable for working out, I looked for a personal trainer.
Andrea took a holistic approach on training. She combined functional training with great nutritional advice, and took into consideration my hectic work schedule and personal preferences.
She told me to keep a food log. It helped identified the “bombs” in my daily eating habits and made me face reality: I was NOT eating healthy. Andrea gave me small goals each week, to work toward: “No, do not go to Wendy’s,” “Only eat ice cream one night a week,” “Avoid carbs one meal a day.” The advice was much better than doing a complete overhaul at once. I felt like I wasn’t being set up to fail.
Functional training, in my opinion, is the only way to train. Andrea explained to me that by working several different body parts at one time, the overall results would be better. Simply, she was right. But the first few weeks were brutal.
Don’t be fooled by the small package. She is a tough cookie! And she can identify an excuse a mile away. She WILL push you. But equally important, she pushed me to MY limit. When it was clear I was working way beyond my physical level, she scaled down the exercise. This was key in doing exercises safely and not getting injured. A good trainer knows when to push and when to stop.

Andrea ingrained two valuable lessons in me: consistency and control. Working out consistently is key. Fitness is a LIFETIME journey and I have to pace myself. Control not only applied to my eating habits, but it was important I take control of my health and do what’s best for my body. Andrea is wonderfully professional, but she really became a friend. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to take control of their health and life.


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