Andre Barakat is a new man.

Submitted by: Meryl Hawk

Andre's Success Story

Just 6 months ago, I weighed in at over 210 pounds, had a waist of 38 inches on a good day, and generally felt run down and listless.

A friend suggested I try personal training to see if I could start to trim down and feel better about myself. I started going but still lacked a motivator, someone or something to push me to places I didn’t think I could go.

Enter Meryl Hawk. She took me under her wing and under her tutelage I began to change, physically and mentally. I found reserves of willpower and strength I never knew I had. Now, only two months later, I’m lighter, my waist has shrunk four inches, and best of all, I feel as though I can continue to change for the better. She would deny this, but I owe this new attitude and changing form to her unending optimism and spirit. Check back in another few months, I may look like a new man!

Thank you Meryl!


Andre Before


Andre After