An Exciting Jouney

Submitted by: Michelle Hastie

Laura's Success Story

Michelle offers far more than weight loss. This has opened up a whole new facet of getting healthy, and it truly isn’t anything about the old “diets”. Michelle’s encouragement and graciousness is true support, I now feel confidant. I used to believe that calorie counting worked, but this is so much more. Is that all life is about, weight? What about enjoyment, or getting the most from life? I might have lost weight in the past but it never stayed off, I was unhappy and I was fighting the whole time. This is an exciting journey. I have learned that all or nothing thinking doesn’t change anything. I have learned that calorie counting doesn’t feel good. This process has brought wholeness to life. I trust myself and body without giving anything up. I now am living a whole life, a free life. I will no longer waste time or energy. Thank you Michelle for the extra boost and encouragement on my journey.