She kept coming back.

Submitted by: Amanda Sheldon

Ampi's Success Story

Ampi is 42 years old and also has two children, one of which was born last year.
She works part time as a legal mediator for M-D county.
Ampi originally came to me before the birth of her second child in July of 2007.
We worked together for about three months but at that time Ampi was ambivalent about her desire to address her wellness.
After that, Ampi meandered in and out of the fitness studio over the next year and a half.
She came back to work with me in the beginning of 2009 after the birth of her second son.
This time Ampi was ready to change.
She had reached her goal weight by August (8 months) and continues to train with me and she continues to maintain her goal weight and wellness.
Ampi recently also inspired one of her best friends to join her morning training sessions.
Setting an example for others is a great way to maintain wellness.
"You can't keep what you have unless you give it away!"


Ampi Before


Ampi After